• Japanese Indigo Blue Dye Studio

    Chizu Blue

    Pristine river, endless sky, surrounding mountains.

    Nature creates clear indigo blue available nowhere else.


  • About us

    Chizu Blue is a cooperative set up and run by local women, making indigo-dyed products the traditional way. At our bright studio, located in Chizu-cho, a post town deep in the Chizu Mountains, we carefully grow indigo plants from seeds, separate indigo leaves and stems, make indigo dye, and dye fabric by hand.


  • Our commitment

    Clear Indigo Blue

    When we harve, we only pick the leaves containing blue dye by hand, except the stems containing brown dye. This work, we say “boziru” , is arduous process because it takes about 35 hours by hand of all stuff. By doing this, we can dye high-purity and clear indigo blue available nowhere else.


    Our Base - Chizu Town

    Our base, Chizu, Tottori Prefecture, is covered by forests on more than 90% of the land and an abundance of clear water flows around the town. We dye the color of the clear stream and express the majesty of the cedar mountain in our Noren. Hailing from a small town of about 6,000 people, we incorporate the wisdom of the elderly, the sweat of fellow working individuals, the laughter of children, and the natural essence of Chizu.

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